Add Built in "Iframe PostMessage" To the iframe Component

I have a use case where I use a component in an iframe. But I would like this iframe to communicate with the parent ReactStudio app. For example if i complete the child iframe’s function and want to send ReactStudio a message from the child iframe to close the iframe.

Here is an example:

Would be nice to have the feature ‘On receive’ message. And give the option to ‘edit script.’

Result: This functionality provides an alternative to the ‘ReactStudio Plugins’, which have a difficult learning curve for javascript only developers such as myself. Adding 2-way iframePostMessage (Send/Receive) in the ReactStudio parent would allow the app’s user-experience to easily open components in the iframe, such as a map or FileUpload module and close it when the iframe completes its function by sending a message to ReactStudio parent.