After plugin update today

I get this message when “reload table data from (firebase) service”
I have tried npm rebuild in
**/NodeUtils and **/NodeUtils/node_modules/grpc



We haven’t updated Firebase plugin. The JSON plugin was updated but it should not affect any other plugins.

I’m also unable to reproduce this issue with my own Firebase plugin. Could you check what is your Firebase plugin version (Bundle version is located in info.plist file)?

Anyway I’ve now updated the Firebase plugin to version 21. It doesn’t have anything special, just one new setting for saving the latest added document key into Dataslot.

I just realized that we actually updated node.js version bundled with React Studio. That could be causing the problem. Could you please try deleting NodeUtils/node_modules -folder altogether and run ‘npm install’?


cd Web Service Plugins/Firebase_ReactStudio.plugin/Contents/Executables/NodeUtils
nvm use 12
nvm rebuild

worked, thank you

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