After the new React Studio update while exporting code

Still need help here. How can I fix this problem? I already spent 6 hours trying to find the problem.
How can I find this reference number. Is this related to some image?

actually is useless trying to find the number.It will change every time you open RS and try to export the code. It looks like something related to strings?! help

Hi, please send us the project file ( and we’ll check it on Monday when developers are back at business. The error message does not give any hint about what’s going on.

In the meanwhile you can go back to old version.

Hi. How can I go back? Thank you

The earlier version can be downloaded here:

Note that if you already opened and saved the project file with newer one then the older Studio version might not be able to open the file.

Thank you Antti. I’ve just sent you the project file. Unfortunately, I saved the project using the last RS version, which let me not able to open the file anymore even using the older version. Too bad. :frowning:

Best regards, Marcos

Hi, thanks for the project file.There was a minor bug with Data linkage update and it is now fixed. Just open the Studio and install the update.

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Hey Antti. So quick Impressive response! Thank you!

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