Another paid user level?

Antti, I wish there was another paid user level. I am only building one app that probably won’t make much money. I don’t mind paying $200us each month for Native Studio while I am building the app, but I’m the type of person who will probably play with the app throughout the year just because I love experimenting and tweeking things. This means I either have to stay with React Studio, or pay for Native Studio throughout the year for a total of $2,400us, because I might use features in Native that aren’t available in React Studio.
Due to my concern about being able to go backward from Native to React, I probably won’t be able to use Native at all…But, you guys really deserve compensation for the wonderful program and for your time in answering questions. Since there is no mid-level that fits my budget, is there at least a way I can send you lunch money :hamburger: ?