API bridge key for email plugin


My Email plugin appears to have stopped working. Is there a way to test it or check if API key is maybe incorrect?



Sorry for the delay on replying this. The email service is definitely working. Could you check that you’ve added your email address to “permitted addresses” in here: http://apibridge.neonto.com/user-admin/ and the key set in the email plugin is the same as in the user admin page.

Is there a way to reset it? My key doesn’t work and I don’t have access key asked for at that URL?


We don’t have public link for reseting the access keys. I can check if we can do the reseting but you need to send us email from the same email which was used in when activating the Studio.

P.S. The Access key email with subject “Your React Studio API Bridge access key” so I suggest checking your email inbox for access key.