Camera Plugin Guide Search

Hi, new to React development. I am trying to use the Camera Plugin for React Studio, when it launces on my phone I give usage permission but nothing happens. Does anyone have a link to a tutorial on using the Camera Plugin? Thanks!

Did a search and didnt find a previous post with this info.

Hi, the Camera plugin appeared to be a bit outdated and we will be releasing an update shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Plugin is now updated. Just open Plugin manager and update the Camera plugin.

P.S: Please note that Camera may not work on all browsers (e.g. with Safari).

Thanks, I am getting more action than previously, but in mobile preview it still does nothing and in chrome I get the following error.

It doesnt seem to fully update, it states updating for a half second then thanks for installing but stays marked as needing an update.

Hi, Thanks for notifying this! The updated plugin was corrupted. New version is now live in server and update should come up when you open the app!

It is now pulling up the front facing camera, but I haven’t seen anyway to flip the camera for a phone or to actually capture an image. Any ideas on what I am missing?

Camera plugin is a sort of skeleton for element plugin and it can be used as example for creating other plugins.

Currently there are no other interactions available than “shoot”. If you need any other features then you need to edit the plugin code. Just open the Plugin manager and click Edit.