Can not change Gradient color for rectangle box

imported .svg file, it can change the gradient color, but not for Rectangle box

I hope I understand the question. I always have to set the colors before adding the gradient. If you don’t like it, you can set new colors and make the gradient again.

Pre-version of RS, I can choose number of Gradient color and color of each point


You can change the rectangle Gradient color with Gradient tool. Just select new colors and drag on top of rectangle with a gradient tool.

We had to remove old vector editor view because it was simply too complicated.

Using Gradient tool always “Black-Grey” color. It is not satisfy some cases which need to highlight foreground components

in this case I have to using Gradient with 3 color points.

I think combine two type of gradient editing tools will cover all cases in practical.

Currently you need to select the colors from color tool under the Text tool on right side of Design canvas. It’s similar tool like in Photoshop etc. Colors are black and white by default.

ok, I saw it, it is only 2 color points, but it is enough for 95% case, thank you