Cannot Save Data from one Data Sheet to another

Hello world. Per another conversation, I’ve created a filtered list that only pulls in row from Firebase at a time (second-level data through a Document/$slot(‘ds_SlotName’)/Document CollectionID). I know it’s pulling in the data correctly, but I can’t seem to set the buttons’ interactions to assign values from that sheet to another data sheet.

Please advise. Thanks.


To save any data to Data sheet the data must be present in the screen where the Save button is located. Do you have the source data sheet data present on the screen?

P.S. putting th data in a hidden field works too


Thanks, team. It does look like I’m having trouble pulling data in from that data sheet. As you can see here, I’ve got the text field pointed to that data sheet:

And here, it doesn’t show up:

That string of characters is from the data slot I’ve assigned to the top layer of data, so that I know the data slot is pulling in correctly. I’ll connect with my dev friend about debugging the data pulls.

So, then, React Studio “knows” it’s not pulling data from that sheet into this screen, and that’s why it’s not letting me select values from that data sheet for button interactions?

Hey team. I can call this resolved. I didn’t realize that I had to create a component and a list to pull in those data, even though there’s only ever going to be one row on that date sheet. Thanks for your help.

@Adam_Wasserman, while we’re here, though, could I ask how you hide fields?


Two ways. Manually, click on the eye icon to the left of the field name below the screen canvas

Or, programmatically from the Reveal/Hide interaction in the interactions pane:

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Oh wow. I had no idea that was a thing. Thanks!

Actually, I forgot to tell you about the third way (only works on components):