Can't log in through Firebase

There was a new version a few minutes ago. I installed it and converted my files over to it. Now I can’t get into previews. It just hangs out on the main login screen, but the Gmail button is missing. To test, I changed the Login Gate Settings to send the user to the second page on either an unlock or an unlock fail. That didn’t work either. I can still get into my app preview by manually updating the url.

This might be related to this other ticket: Can't login to XANO anymore

Update: It does appear that the login does fail. I have my rules set up so that only my Gmail account can make changes, and it’s not letting me.


This seems to be related to latest switch to using React context.

We’re quite busy at the moment with another project (paid one) but will provide update to plugins sometime this week. In the meanwhile you can fix the Firebase plugin by adding these two lines of code into Firebase login plugin’s component-template.js file as seen in screen shot below:

import ScreenContext from './ScreenContext';
static contextType = ScreenContext;