Components not populating

I would be grateful for some troubleshooting recommendations for populating fields in a components. I have a dashboard application with a list of objects. When an object is selected, a Detail page opens with specifics about that object. Due the complexity of the page, I have encapsulated some of the text blocks in the Detail page in components of their own (see image below). I have set the data linkage for the subcomponents properly to the correct fields in the Datasheets, but the Detail Page is still not populating.
On the dashboard page, where the row is selected, I have set the Interact property to enable Carry Properties from Parent Component for “All” properties. According to the tutorials, that should be sufficient.
Do all components (which are subordinate to a screen) get access to the DataSheets available to that Screen? I am seeing all the correct fields in the correct datasheets when I assign the Data Linkage.
Can you recommend ways to troubleshoot these issues?

Assigning data runtime linkage properties to component actually just creates “outlets” for the component. You need to assign input data/connection for the component from Nested Comp inspector tab in the containing screen as well.

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