Copy and past between projects


how i can copu and past screens between projects?
regards Paolo


That can get tricky depending on what you are trying to accomplish, if you want to copy simple components, you should be fine, but the entire content of screen, when you paste, the layout flow may be all wacky, the keyline may not follow properly, etc… you’ll spend as much time fixing it than doing it from scratch. I would suggest you rename the source project to a new project and reuse the screens you want.


Yeah copying between projects doesn’t work. It’s pretty hard to determine which blocks are copied because one screen may contain lot’s of things that are not visible in Project map (etc. Data sheets, Data slots etc.).

If you want to reuse component in other projects then I suggest you to Save the component as preset and it will appear in “Your Presets” section on every Project.


good to know that…
tanks Paolo…