Corner Radius List Element Background Not Taking Effect

I think the corner radius shape setting is not taking hold in list elements. See here.

How is this list build? Is the top component added into Head bloc of List or how it is implemented?

I tested to add the component with rounded corners into Head block and it seems to work.

Hmm I see. Yes I added it in as a header. It’s a bit strange as it even shows on the larger preview screen. I tried different browsers too.

I think I narrowed it down. It only happens if you include the list in a responsive swapper. I did a test without it and it works fine. See here.

I do a lot of lists in responsive swappers because I mainly build data / insights apps where I have large datasets and lists. I need to remove columns as the screen scales down, so for this type of list I build 4 of them and then swap them out with the screen size. Prolly not the most efficient thing to do, but hey - it works!