Create New Plugin Issue

Each time I try to create plugin of type, wrapping NPM package) I get an error, and so it does not generate the template. See attached screenshot.


Hi Chris,

unfortunately Component (wrapping NPM package) option is not implemented currently. You can choose Component (with JSX template) and continue from there. It’s essentially the same type of plugin, it just has some extra stuff by default. There’s also an example plugin which wraps an NPM package in Plugin Store called Rating which could be useful.

Are there any plans to implement this feature?
It would be really cool if you could simply wrap an NPM component.
The Component (with JSX template) can take quite a while to get right, especially the first time.

Could it be made simpler? For example automatically parse the NPM package and insert the required components expected in Component (with JSX template).

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One can already wrap npm packages into plugins by sinply developing the plugin by hand. Check e.g. React Table plugin from this forum.

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Btw. you can install sample npm plugins directly from Plugin store. Just install and download and use these ase base for your own plugin.

Hi Anti,
I know one can use some of the examples as a model to create new plugins by hand.
That is still time consuming and a manual process.
I was wondering whether this could be improved to a more automated workflow.
That is why i asked whether it could be possible for React Studio to parse existing NPM packages and turn them into React Studio Plugins.
Alternatively would it be possible to do this outside React Studio with some form of macro type builder and then import the results into React Studio?

Hi, it would be certainly great to have some kind of builder for npm plugins what we have studied the packages can be almost anything and it seems quite hard to automate the plugin creating at least what comes to the generated code part.

I see that it would already help if one could define the Plugin UI fields in some kind of wizard or plugin generator and then one needs to only create only the code template by hand (and inject the needed variables into code template).

You can create plugins anywhere fundamentally plugin code files are just text files packaged into plugin bundle. so basically you could build plugin with e.g. even with Google sheet + Google script for writing the code files.