Data returned from web service is too large for display

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is there a way to deactivate this feature ?

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Hi, unfortunately no but May I ask where do you need more than 100 rows in Design phase? Having extra rows of data in Design canvas just makes the designing slower because Studio needs to render all list items.

All rows will be available in the exported project (the limitation is fo preview only).

HHi Antti,

thank you for answer !
I have a little bit problems with a API and would ensure in this case, that the api is working as expected.

The column “production_note” is normally not a JSON entry. But the Plugin has this imported as a Json.
I have already checked this with a Json validator but have not seen a failure. I would assume this is a plugin “feature”. I get also a failure when i test it in a preview or export this project then.


I send you the API string in a personal message.

Thanks again Antti !

This was the answer from Antti -->

After this i learned a lot about “what is a Object in Json or not”.
This was my my finding:

And this was the best answer from this topic:

until then i have changed the generic json plugin (main.js) quick and dirty to this -->
create function isobject and used for json columns

Is this now a reason for create a new plugin or we change the existing ones ?

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You probably should create a new plugin (rename the Plugin bundle file and Plugin.plist data) to prevent the plugin to be overwritten in the upcoming Studio updates.