Data sheet, change live data from web service, cannot set to none

Maybe the Localization Sheet behaves differently and this is by design…

I would like to be able to

  • connect localization sheet to firebase path
  • load data from service
  • disconnect firebase

what happens is that after disconnecting, firebase is re-queried and the toggle reverts to “firebase 1”

Also maybe related, I see that with firebase connected to localization sheet, I have to add logic to ignore other sheets (in App.js)


My overall goal here is to make a screen for editing website content held in the localization strings.
The strategy I am currently working through is …

  • create website structure and have localization sheet auto populated
  • use a button/script to push all the localization strings to a firebase table
  • (first time through, this is where I connected firebase to localizationSheet)
  • standard crud to edit the interesting strings now stored in firebase
  • overwrite the contents of localization sheet with firebase contents
  • make website changes, rinse and repeat

This all works until the rinse and repeat.

With firebase connected and new elements are added to the website,
… localization keys are inserted into the locale sheet
… when website loads, strings are pulled from firebase, not the updated locale sheet
… so I am unable to button/script push the to the firebase table because

If we could get this working, it would provide way to manage the local keys and translations.

Or is there an easier way?

I’m going to explore using import json. (is that expecting an array of objects?)

The issues you mentioned will be fixed in the next update. I don’t see why you couldn’t use firebase for managing localization strings like you planned.


Great, what’s the time frame for the next release drop?

We’ll try to wrap up the next update during this week

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New update (1.7.9) should be now available when you start React Studio.