Default localization does not get changed

I have added localization for Swedish (se) and changed the Active Langue in Localization -> Active Language to se.

Then I save and run the project but it is still in english.

I also tried to clear browser cache and restart the local server. But no Swedish text in the web views.

I found the ds_activeLang in the slot also and changed. So most of the keys have changed but not all.

Hi, are you sure that you’ve set the swedish translations to all elements? As you noticed the app’s language selection depends on the data slot (ds_activeLang) value so you need to add dropdown or buttons for changing the value ion the Data slot.

P.S. You can also change the default value of the language Data slot from ‘en’ to ‘se’.

P.P.S Localization sheet collects lot of unneeded rows because when you delete element the localization row is not deleted. This is because techincally same localisation key can be used in many elements. To fix this you can do a cleanup operation by clicking Localisation -> Re-generate localization keys.

Yes, I changed the value for ds_activeLang from en to se. I also selected se as the default language in the top menu. Then I added Swedish translations to all fields under the data tab.

Yes I also did a cleanup operation and deletes unused fields.

I also noticed that when I selected a text field in a view and then in the dropdown for the translation selected another key and then back again, it changed to the correct language in the view. But then when running the app it was still english.

Try to debug so that you add a text label somewhere into screen and “link” language data slot to it. Then you see that if the Data slot really has the right value (e.g. ‘se’). If data slot persistence is not set up then the Data slot will be cleared if you refresh the browser window.

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In the browser the web app has Swedish on the login and list view and the review view has a mix of English and Swedish. So It can’t be a persistence issue I think.

Does the data in the “review view” come from your backend? If so then it’s something that is not part of the localisation in the studio. If you can zip and send the React Studio project file to we can take a look at it as well.

Ok, I do that in a moment!

Do I use the share feature in RS or Export React Code or select somewhere it in the project folder and zip it?

Hm, it will not be possible to send the complete project by email, it’s to large 400 Mb, but i fixed it by removing node modules and files in the build folder, so now it’s 3,1 Mb!

Sent subject: MatGig - Matgig2 RS project zip

Gmail blocked the attachment so had to send it from another email adress.

The React Studio (extension .rsproj) project file is the one we need. The generated code does not tell much about the project and it cannot be opened in the Studio.

Ok! I just emailed the rsproj file!