Delete/Remove multiple entries in Firebase


I have essentially a chat log which is stored in a datasheet and then updates in Firebase. I would like a way to delete ALL of the entries with one button, to “reset” or “clear” the chat log. I can see how to easily delete each entry as a component, but I am trying to write a script I attach to a button to just clear the whole thing out instead of one at a time. Can you assist?

Perhaps a for loop over the dataSheet, and then remove each one individually?

let dataSheet = this.props.appActions.dataSheets['logData'];
  let serviceOptions = this.props.appActions.serviceOptions_logData;
  if ( !this.props.appActions.dataSheetLoaded['logData']) {
    serviceOptions.servicePath = dataSheet.expandSlotTemplateString("Company/$slot('ds_CompanyKey')/Rooms/$slot('ds_CurrentRoom')/log/", this.props.appActions.dataSlots);
    this.props.appActions.loadData_firebase1(dataSheet, serviceOptions, true);
    ///this.props.appActions.removeFromDataSheet(  ALL? );
    this.props.appActions.dataSheetLoaded['logData'] = true;