Disable action "go to" if the component is in a specific screen

I have a component where clicking a text field lead the user to a detail screen where the same component is present. As it is the same component, clicking the same text field will take you to the screen where the user already is. Notheing happens and everythings seems to be fine.

However if you click on the “go back” after clicking that text field a couple of times, the go back action will lead you to the same screen where the user is. So I was wondering if it would be possible to disable or deactivate the goto action for that text field under the condition of the screen. It would be a simple “if” script, but I don’t know how to make the reference to the screen in RS.

Thank you!

I think you’d need to add your custom Go back button instead of standard back button in Navi. Then add a script (run script interaction) toBack button which has the needed logic.

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