Disable custom URL for each page?

Hello. I don’t suppose there is a way to override the generated custom urls? It is very cool, and definitely has advantages. But for my particular app it is messing up my workflow a bit, since I have fields that are required to continue to each page. Now users can just bypass those required fields.


Unfortunately we don’t have plans for disabling the router, it’s just too much of work to make everything working with two types of use cases.

If you want to prevent screen loading without having values e.g. in Data slots you could do something like this:

Link to example. If you name data slot is empty then one cannot access : “your name” screen.

P.S. You probably know that you can set the screen path require authentication from Screen settings. It doesn’t solve your use case but is good to know.

Oh, that code in the Template might work perfectly to fix the issue. Thanks!

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