Element position not consistent with side-by-side elements

I’m working on a game. Some of the elements on the screen need to be side-by-side for display purposes. However, I’m having a hard time lining them up. Here’s an example of a screen I’m putting together for a character sheet. The traits of “Clan” and “Age” come together to describe the character. I set the top offset for the “Age” field to -24 pixels because both it and the “Clan” field are 24 pixels high. You can see here that it looks about right, maybe half a pixel too high, maybe.

When I open it in a browser, however, it looks like this, clearly a few pixels too low:

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks.

Hi, please try using fixed text instead of the expanding text element. The expanding text is a bit more problematic and it doesn’t probably write height for it so there might be inconsistencies how the different layout systems calculate it.

Thanks, but I just made that change, and it’s still happening, I’m afraid.