Embedded parameters in URL Path not populating

I am using dataslots to dynamically update the URL for our HTTP API request.
The “URL Path” in the Web Service panel is defined as this:
This works perfectly in ReactStudio and I see a dozen rows of data updating nicely in the the DataSheet panel.
But when I export to a web browser (“Open in Web Browser”) the data is not populating.
When I dig through Developer Tools in Chrome in the Network panel, I see that the URL is:
and that the Query String is:

Which suggests that the embedded parameters are not being populated properly.
Here is the panel in the Datasheet window in React Studio:
Its worth noting that I tried to put the Query parameters in the Query box (as shown below) but now I get an “Error Loading data from API” error:
So, how should this be done?


It should be working just like you’ve set in the URL path. Maybe the refresh function is not called in some cases…

Are you setting the Data slot values from the App’s UI (e.g. with a button click)? I can see this kind of behaviour when there is no value set for Data slots (or if using data slot’s default value).

Yes, I’m using some static dataslots while I am still testing. These will eventually be connected to the login-gate which will populate these values. That would explain why it works in RS but not in Chrome. Thanks.

The problem really was that data slots were not “injected” properly to URL path on app initialize. This is now fixed on our QA-version. Update will be out soon.

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