Empty space at the end in a horizontal list


I have noticed that when I have a horizontal list, there is like and empty space (same heigth and width as an additional element) that making it to show like this:

The first horizontal list that is shown ends in the Interstellar card, and when I scroll to the right that list, it shouldn’t show that empty space to its right. Am I correct?

Hi. It’s hard to tell from the screenshot what the component parameters are. Perhaps the list component boundaries can be adjusted?

Hi. I just have a horizontal list align to the left and right of the screen and to be filled with 6 documents (cards as they are seen in the first screenshot). When I scroll to the right, it continues to scroll after the sixth document showing that empty space. Here is a couple of screenshots of my project settings:

Captura de pantalla 2021-06-17 a las 9.32.17

If there is any other information to provide just let me know.

@petoma - my apologies, I’ve been incredibly caught up and haven’t been able to come back to this. Will try in the next few days.

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There’s no problem at all. No need to apologize. It is a minor thing and not a big deal but I was wondering if there was an easy way to fix it. It could have been some option that I don’t know about but I have been checking and I didn’t see anything related.

If you need anything just let me know.

Thank you!

Interesting. I’m able to reproduce the exact same behavior with my own project as well. I did notice earlier something was a bit off, but thought it was perhaps related to an empty file path in the database which at times I had some.

In my case, it’s a list of photos a user can upload one at a time. When the number of photos exceeds what the page can display, a scroll bar appears at the bottom. And when I scroll to the right, there is always 1 empty space to the right.

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@Antti_Neonto - any idea?

Hi, our team working with the free React Studio is on vacation at the moment but will check this issue in August. Thanks for reporting this, it’s probablya a minor CSS-issue etc.

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:+1: Awesome :grinning:

Just an observation about this issue. It doesn’t happen when the project is opened in a mobile device. I just realized this morning that there is no space at the end of the list in my Ipad, but it is still there when I open the project in the browser. It is not a big deal but just in case you want to take a look at it.

Thank you as always!