Example usage of custom_template

Can you please describe a use case for custom_template and what problems it is designed to solve?

Hi Rob. I’m not form the company, just a developer doing some great stuff using React Studio. You can learn a lot from this thread. Is this case we were solving getting the comments, but actually it could be anything.
Best luck, Marcos
Using a list inside another list

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There are (at least) two types of templates available through the UI.
From the App Settings panel, “React template settings”
You write the default template into a folder and then…
you can edit the package.json template so packages don’t have to be referenced elsewhere.
*** the package.json file in Works in progress appears to not be updated if changes are made after its creation, so may need to rm -rf your working directory
you can pre-fetch the npm packages that end up in node_modules
*** no it appears the node_modules are reloaded from scratch
You can put things in the public folder
*** no it appears those contents are not copied over
you can place config files in the root, like firebase.json (yay)

and when you have a screen or component selected, the “Code Glance” button opens a “JSX Code template” editor.


please comment and I will update this as I go along