Firebase auth inconsistent


I was looking at the restaurant guide example here to see how Firebase Google authentication should work.

The login gate before submitting a review isn’t working.

  1. I start without being logged into Google anywhere.
  2. On title page of the restaurants demo I click on ‘or continue without login’. Next screen shows me as not logged in


  1. I click on ‘details’ of any restaurant, then on the floating button to submit review which takes me to ‘write a review’ screen and I can post a review.

  2. If on the home screen I actually click though ‘Sign in with Google’ I am prompted for username and password so clearly I’m not signed in.

Any idea why this is happening?

I’m asking because I’m also noticing some other, what seems like incorrect, behaviour in another site I’m working on so thought I ask if it’s something wrong with my app itself, or is more generic to React Studio.

Thank you


Hoping for some guidance here too. At that url Google login is still broken…I can post reviews without being logged into google anywhere, so it seems broken.

Thank you,