Firebase Auth Issues


Wondering if anyone else is facing these issues with the firebase auth element:

  1. Phone:
    After logging in, the user is not redirected. It just stays on the same page and auth element disappears.

  2. Email:
    Logging in works great, user is redirected. However, if they sign out, and then return to the login screen (e.g. refresh the app). The auth element is missing, the console shows "“Uncaught Error: AuthUI instance is deleted!”


I’m having this issue as well. It’s happening with the tutorial project with the Yelp clone.


We’ve released an update to Firebase Login plugin. Open the Studio and Plugin manager and click Update. Let us know if this solves issues with Phone login (We were not able to reproduce the email login issues…).

Hi Antti,

That’s fixed the phone issue! Thank you.

The email issue is a bit odd, I’m not able to recreate it in a demo project. Could be something idiosyncratic about our project. I did remember reading something somewhere about the auth element having to be on the first page of the app if it’s using email login, not sure if this is true. Anyway, we’ve just removed email login for the time being!

Hey folks. I don’t see where to update in the Plugin Manager screen (attached).

Please advise. Thanks.

Then you probably have the latest version. You can also make sure that you have the latest version by reinstalling the Firebase plugin package from Plugin store-

I got a friend to look at this with me last night. We fixed it by clearing the plug-in cache. Thanks for the tips. This ticket is closed

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