Firebase auth persistence issue in mobile device

I edited the original post because I have realized that the issue is not as I thought in the first place. Instead, apparently there is some issue with persistence in the authorization process with Firebase only in mobile device (it happens the same in my phone and tablet).

In a desktop everything is fine. I have to select the account the first time when I open the browser and after that, no matter if I visit other website, when I come back I just go in the app. But in a mobile device it asks me for the account every time. Considering that I go to a different page with every document visited from the collection, it is quite annoying.

How could I fix that?

I have been trying things I have realised that there is some kind of issue. Surprisingly the issue with the persistence has gone when I have added in the Login gate the possibility to authorise with a Google account. Once the user has both options, the problem is not there anymore in any of the login methods.

So I will leave both authentication methods but just let you know this issue.

Thank you!

What are the login options you experienced this? In the message you mentioned only the Google login.

In Firebase I had activated both Google and email methods. But in the React app I had just email authentication. With that configuration I had the issue only in mobile devices (phone and tablet).

After activating Google and email login in the React app (not changing anything in Firebase), everything works fine. It goes for a brief momento through the login gate and I would prefer not do that and just do the transition as between screens but I guess that would need some additional configuration.

This is most likely how Firebase SDK works, the plugin simply wraps the sdk so most of the code is not written by the Studio’s code engine.

That’s ok for me. Once I found out how to make it work it’s fine. But I thought it would be useful to know. I still have to try to deactivate Google authentication in both Firebase and the app and see how it works. I will let you know.