Firebase hosting not as expected

It will be probably a novice question but in the new project that I am working on, I configured Firebase hosting so the hosting url would be “” which is the name of my school with just the at the end.

However, after exporting the projecto from RS and fo the deploy process, it is hosted in “”.

How can I get rid of the “-9bdd7” before the

Thank you!

That’s strange, I haven’t come across this issue before. What’s your current deploy process?

If it helps, you could also try following this guide for targeted hosting (useful when you have multiple sites, but could work for you):

I always follow that approach, and has always worked smoothly.

Alternatively, why not buy your own domain? :slight_smile:

About my deployment process, I just export the code from React Studio, open the console and run npm run-script build, Firebase init and select the project and answer yes, N, N. And finally “Firebase deploy”. Nothing extraordinary or out of the usual steps.

I will look into the multiple sites, but I believe I should be able just to do the hosting in the regular address without the Id project in the url.

As it is not a profesional project but educational y personal, I won’t host it in other place than the provided by Firebase. I also like the given address as long as I can achieve to get rid of the Id project letters and numbers.

Thank you!

You can’t. This is our url ID. What you wanna do is when you add custom domain, make sure you are connected. You need to setup your DNS with new records to verify domain ownership. Check this