Firebase Increment Interaction function produces odd behavior

Hello world. I just tried creating some buttons to change values incrementally. The value is also set to appear on the screen. However, when I use them, the value displayed on the screen doesn’t change while I’m on that page. Further, after I’ve used an incremental button, I can’t navigate backwards with the NavBar back button. Please advise. Thanks.

Could you post screenshots of your UI and interaction and (possible scripts here).

If you have linked a text element into props it should update if the state changes. I’ve used e.g. Firebase increment some time ago in chat demo and it worked nicely.

Sure thing. This is an admin app for a dorky vampire game where a character’s blood is a resource. :stuck_out_tongue:

Clicking either the “+” or “V” button for either blood or prestige will increase the number value of the associated datum on the data sheet. However, it doesn’t change it on this screen, and it causes the back arrow on the nav bar to stop working or require a couple of clicks to move to the previous screen (not sure).

This is the interaction window:

It’s hard to say what’s the problem but my guess is that the connection between then screens and the data source. I did a quick test by setting a Data sheet as data source for screen and add increment/decrement interactions to buttons:

At least on my test it works and the Firebase data is reflected back to the UI instantly.

My best guess is that you fetch the likes value to UI from carried property which obviously does not change when the data in backend changes. If you want to see the instant updates in the “details view” then you have to use Data sheet as Data source for the Details screen. Basically you need to create new Data sheet which has a query or “document key data slot” in the document path which returns just the one single document.