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We’re using Firebase Auth, and our iOS app is required to offer Sign in with Apple per the App Review team. This means we’ll have users that log in with Apple ID on iOS that can’t use our website built with React Studio. (We are attempting to launch in a few weeks and just had to add Sign in with Apple to our app to get it approved.)

Is Firebase Login plugin support for Sign in with Apple on the roadmap? Or maybe there’s an existing workaround that we haven’t found.

This is very interesting. It’s definitely supported as an auth type in Firebase. I have an iOS app but it’s only in beta and still on the Firebase app distribution feature so haven’t made it this far.

If you have some engineers that can crack open the Firebase Plugin in react studio you might be able to do it yourself. @Antti_Neonto and team seem to be very busy with a big release they are getting out for the new rendering engine so you might not see any feature requests come through for some time.

This is a bit beyond my expertise though to be honest. My plugin skills are still lacking.

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll look at adding this to the plugin if we’re able to, and share what we find/do.

We were able to successfully update the Firebase Auth plugin for React Studio to provide Sign in with Apple capabilities. The changes we made are included here:

  1. The underlying dependencies already support this - so the main update is to upgrade to the latest ‘firebase’ (8.2.3) and ‘react-firebaseui’ (4.2.0) modules. These are in the Firebase (Cloud Firestore) plugin package.json file - not the Firebase Login plugin.

EDIT: I ended up going back to firebase 7.24.0 because 8 was breaking my calls to firebase functions for some reason. There might be one or two other things I did that I don’t have captured here so if you use it and it doesn’t work, I might have some additional info for you.

  1. Copy/paste/edit the plugin code for Google. One difference is the PROVIDER_ID is not provided for Apple in the modules so you have to use ‘’.


Awesome! Great contribution to this community. Thank you

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Very nice! Thanks for following up and documenting.