Firebase Login error --facebook login can't load url

Facebook login error
in Firebase login — see screen shot

I have setup facebook auth in Google Firebase admin auth
and Google & email logins are working


I need to add the facebook "OAuth redirect URL " to the firebase plugin facebook configuration.
perhaps place a text URL field next to facebook selection in the sidebar UI (firebase login plugin) – that will appear when facebook is selected so that dev can paste URL that is given in firebase authentication --facebook setup screen into.

Hi, I think that would work but I thought that “OAuth redirect URL” is set in the Firebase Admin panel when you activate the Facebook login.

The OAuth redirect URL is copied from the firebase consul and placed in your facebook authorisation section in facebook auth setup.

On another note:
When I reload data from firestorm service my date time firestorm field gets imported into your React Studion Sheet filed as nanoseconds and seconds – not as date time
See screen shots

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Hi, that’s how Firebase returns the Timestamp. I’ve simply used Unix time timestamp and kept it in field which type is Number.

Converting Unix time into readable format in App is really simple e.g. with Value transformer Script:

Example code snippet:

var newDate = new Date(input);
var dateString = newDate.toUTCString();
return dateString

I realized this is an old post. I just went through this. Basically one needs to get a Facebook Developer account and set up the Facebook Login product. Then enter the OAuth Redirect URL into the settings of the FB Login product.