Firebase Login loop

Hello everyone and nice to meet you!

I’m trying to build a web app with React Studio but I’m facing an issue with the Firebase Login plugin:

Am I the only one that cannot use it with a mobile device?
On the desktop it’s working fine but in every mobile device (Safari/Chrome, iOs/Android) it’s generating an infinite loop with a website called

Any idea how to solve it?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Davide and welcome to forum!

What happens if you test e.g. Chat app demo here: ?

It’s created with the default Firestore login plugin so if it works then the issue must be on your project file (e.g Login gate screen is missing “When unlocked go to” setting etc).

P.S. Could you also check that your Firebase Login plugin is the latest version (6). You can do this simply from Plugins->Plugin manager->Edit->Info plist

Thank you very much Antti! :slight_smile:

The chat app demo works fine and I tried to publish the project here:

but it does not work properly.

As you can see from my screenshot I configured both the “when unlocked go to” screens and I have no additional plugins or code in the project since it’s brand new.

Firebase plugin is version 6 too, so I really cannot understand why the app is not working.

Any clue?
Thank you again,

I see that it does not work when using iPhone Safari. It’s hard to say what’s causing this without the React Studio project file. Could you zip and send it to us at ?

P.S. BTW. Have you activated the login types in Firestore admin panel?

Mail sent, thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

P.S. I did it:

Hi, we’ve found the issue. It’s related in situations when the email is the only login option. We’ll release an update to Firebase Plugins later this week.

Thanks a lot Antti!!! :slight_smile: