Getting this error related to Firebase after last update

After the last update, I now get this somehow related to Firebase. Can you guys check this.

index.js:1446 Warning: React DevTools encountered an error: TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
–> starting at object with constructor ‘FirebaseAppImpl’
| property ‘firebase_’ -> object with constructor ‘Object’
| property ‘apps’ -> object with constructor ‘Array’
— index 0 closes the circle

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Is this just a warning or does it break the code?

Appears as an error but It doesn’t break anything

I’m actually getting this error now when trying to load a firebase doc into the table.


@Marcos_Alencar - have you tried to pull your stripe subscription doc into a React Studio table yet? I am getting an error when trying to do this.

Could you check the data types of each field? Are there other types than text? Also if could debug this so that you remove one field a time and try reloading until it breaks. Then check the field which is causing the error. It could be that there is some new data or field types that the Plugin cannot handle.

There are two sub-lists in there. Will a list through an error?

The Firebase plugin is sort of basic one and any developer can edit it and customise it. Basically it is just a baseline for plugin developer to modify and customise to own use cases.

We haven’t tested the plugin that much other than with documents with basic field types. What is the exact field type which you guess is causing the issue?

One way to debug this is to try removing the fields one by one from documents and see when it starts working. You can also check the plugin code if there are any hints how plugin reacts to different column types.

I need to check what I did. Are you using the experimental version? By the way, I not getting this error.

Well if you notice in the picture above - meta-data and prices are both lists inside of that doc. I think that is what is causing the issue. I’m not sure how you were able to get it to load then @Marcos_Alencar.

I solved it this way (I need to clean this code up but it works):

Hey. I’ve jus checked. I simply ignore this error as follows: I think this is a problem related to the plugin to recognize the data type. You are probably trying to import from Firestore. Forget it, because it won’t recognize the type, it will dispense what’s in your db, and it won’t create what you need to make it work with RS. As in the attached print, write the fields you need exactly as they are in Firebase. So you should have two types of fields that are in the Firestore, a map type {plan: id} and an array type [with a reference]. When you finish you’e good to go. btw, your script is fine.


after, when you’re listing the subscription, here’s how you’ll see your data

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Ok I see now. So do you add the column you want manually before and then link them up down there??

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