Google Analytics stopped reporting

Hi Antti. I don’t know if is something related to RS, but I notice Analytics stopped reporting, although the settings in Firebase and Analytics have not been changed, nor in React Studio. Can you guys check if is the case? Thank you

Ok. The thing is something related to the last RS update. I guess. I fixed the problem using the Firebase SDK snippet insert directly in the index.html after exporting the code form RS. I think it’s worth a look.

Best, Marcos


Actually Wwe havent tested anything regarding Google analytics. How are you adding the analytics script snippet?

The Studio does not have any “official place” to add tracking code.If you’ve used custom script the it’s definitely possible that it may break in the release. The custom scripts are always something that may break when we change something in the code generation engine.

Actually, RS uses Analytics within the plugin Firebase Config. It works with the appId(number) and measurementId: (number). This way it was working before the last RS update. Now as I mentioned, I’m using inside the index.html

I’m not an expert on this but it sounds that the index.html is the right place for analytics script. Does it work when you add it there (index.html).

Yes. It does. Before it was working as well.