Google Analytics user interactions events tip

Once your app is deployed, how your app is used and how well it is performing is crucial.
If you are using Firebase, you can easily create events for your app interactions. Simply place this code using the React Studio [user interactions] {…} Script option, and place the code bellow changing the event type as you wish.

const analytics =;‘Event: cancel registration, user changed group, any event you wish’);


This is a great tip. We’ll check if we could add this also as interaction to standard Firebase plugin.

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We’re testing new version of the Firebase interaction. On our test bench it looks like this:


Analytics Real time report:

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Just a heads up on this matter the update is out now!

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Hey Antti. Quick note. I tested and my first attempts it crashed RS twice, as I was finishing to write the value. The thing is: suppose you’d like to name your event “Selected Challenge on Feed” In my tests, the only way it worked was writing “Selected_Challenge_on_Feed”, which is fine, but not required for events in G. Analytics. Apart from that, everything looks great. I didn’t test using data slots.

regards, Marcos

Hi Marcos, we aren’t able to reproduce that event name issue. Could you please share some more information about it? What are the exact steps, is it specific to a certain project etc.

Hi Juha. I checked a few times and It didn’t happen again. The test included hitting [enter]. Best, Marcos

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Hey guys. Can you please check if track analytic events with Firebase still working? Here it has stopped tracking, and I couldn’t find the problem. Best, Marcos

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