Hamburger Menu Bug when clicking

When using the hamburger menu there is a bug.

For example lets say the hamburger menu is closed/hidden and i have some buttons on the screen visible before opening the hamburger menu.
If i click the ‘icon button’ to open the hamburger menu, the hamburger menu floats on top of my content in this case the buttons.

I notice that the hamburger menu allows a click on the screen opened by the hamburger menu, to pass the click towards the buttons below.

And if i click inside the hamburger menu and there is a button below, then that button gets pressed as if there was no hamburger menu.

And this is not good for the app user’s user experience.

Even if the hamburger menu is a nontransparent solid color, the click still passes through to buttons below.

Can you post a snall project to show it?

Hi, could it post a project file where this issue appears? Somehow I’m not able to reproduce this with my projects…

I sent the file project to


We got the project file and the question was not about the new Drawer menu component but situation when one has build own custom “Drawer” component. We’ve decided to change the code export so that components will newer let clicks to go through.