Help to wrap a component

can anyone help me to wrap this component?

tanks Paolo

Yes, I can help you do that.

If you have no experience at all in wrapping, please do this tutorial first, and then if you still would like some help after that, we could set up a zoom session.


Adam, tanks for replay,
but i have rendering problems…
would you try?

When we do work for people we charge them by the hour to do it.

I would prefer to do it with you over zoom so that you can learn how to do it for yourself and we do nit have to charge you.

And what do you mean by rendering problems…? What is the connection to doing this together?


thanks for your replay, is an opensource window manager that can halp to show forms like desktop os. Anymore, if i dont understand wrong it adds a div in the body af the html page and the result is a form with no background freezed at the top of screen. I’m asking the help of the community to solve this problem.

Yes, that is what inbox does. Most of the work involved in this particular plugin would be in injecting the proper CSS, the JavaScript looks to me as if it would be pretty minimal.

My goal here is to support people in doing the work themselves, but no to actually do it for them. I offer the same support to anyone in the community who would like to take a crack at wrapping this or any other library as a plugin.

So anyone who wants to help out Paolo, I will help you to help Paolo :slight_smile: Just ping me.