Help with writing to Firebase from React Studio app

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I know the restaurant/Yelp app example gives an example for how to set up your app to post data to Firebase. However, I haven’t successfully mimicked it on my own app. I also haven’t found a tutorial, either in article format or on Youtube. Is there an online resource on how to edit and create backend data through a React Studio app? Thanks,



Just use the Save data interaction and if there are problems then debug the code and log in the browser’s developer tools.

Here’s a video where we write new documents to Firestore DB:

P.S. Please note that one can update documents only from Details view or list. Other situations Studio will usually generate code for adding new rows.

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Thanks, Antti. I’m still not clear on how to set up the app to delete data.

Also, I’m trying to set up the data so entering one value from a dropdown menu populates more than one field. I have a data sheet with a “name” field and a few other “quality/characteristic” fields. The “name” matches the value on characters’ sheets, so the intention is to tell the client to change the associated “quality/characteristic” fields to match the ones for the new “name” field when we use the dropdown to change that “name” field on a given character’s entry. Is that possible?