Hi to all React studio users

Hi, but is this fantastic IDE to a standstill??

there are no more news??

Hi Paolo,

We’re still truing to figure out how to make a business case out of this. The React Studio is a huge project with no revenue so lately we have had to concentrate on other projects which pays out bills :grinning:

Having subscription model would be great but having sustainable subscription model (e.g. 10€ per month) the paying user base needs to be counted in thousands (closer to tens of thousands).

We’ve aldo been investigating other possibilities to use the studio. The main part in Studio is the code generation and it is really flexible. I think we’d need to find the sweet spot where the Studio is most useful. Creating the whole project (design, data etc.) in Studio is really huge task to deliver but if it could do one thing really well I think that would make it irresistable for development teams.

Hi Antti,

What about making it an open source project?
I would help to develop it further and probably many others would help as well.
Neonto could moneytise by offering support contracts to users.

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Hi Oliver,

Could you email me and Pauli (antti@neonto.com and pauli@neonto.com)?

Hi, I’m interested in this possibility.

Hi Antti,
Give us news about the future of react studio.

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