Hide component in tablet view

Hi All,

Does anyone know how I can show/hide components depending on the screen size? I was hoping the ‘eye’ icon in the Elements panel would be tied to the device preview selection (like webflow for example) but this doesn’t seem to be the case.


That’s a good question. I can only think of editing the .js file for that particular screen directly to achieve that. But of course, once you start doing that, you would always have to edit it by hand everytime you compile the project.

It is not possible to hide it but there is some workaround that I do in my project. I just place those elements out of the screen for that particular size so they are not shown. It is easy to achieve.

Hi, responsive swapper might do the trick. It’s not a perfect solution but could work.

Thanks all for your ideas!

I think the responsive swapper is probably my best bet. Will add a mobile & tablet ‘wrapper’ component to all the components I need this selective logic on. I hope that datasheet rows flow through well to the underlying component when using responsive swapper…