"Hot reload" or "Quicker re-compiler" feature

When project file size over 100MB, it take 2-3 minutes to re-compiling. Is there any way that only “changed components” to be re-compile to speed up view update UI on web browser ? It save so much time if RS have this kind of function. :grinning::muscle:

I am considering setting up a local npm registry to cache packages and reduce the download time part of the re-compile, check this out… https://blog.theodo.com/2016/01/speed-up-npm-install-with-a-nexus-proxy-to-cache-packages/

Ngoc, FYI, I do most of my work editing and testing the files that are exported to “Works in Progress” folder. when I have the code working, I go back and update the RS ui with the working code.

This won’t help if your work is mostly visuals (color/alignment/field adding), but I feel your pain and wanted to make sure you were not just using the RS editor for that…

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We’re experimenting some sort of “Hot reload” function for RS. We’ll keep you informed about when/if the feature is available for users to test.


it will take React Studio to new level :+1: