"Hot reload" or "Quicker re-compiler" feature


When project file size over 100MB, it take 2-3 minutes to re-compiling. Is there any way that only “changed components” to be re-compile to speed up view update UI on web browser ? It save so much time if RS have this kind of function. :grinning::muscle:


I am considering setting up a local npm registry to cache packages and reduce the download time part of the re-compile, check this out… https://blog.theodo.com/2016/01/speed-up-npm-install-with-a-nexus-proxy-to-cache-packages/


Ngoc, FYI, I do most of my work editing and testing the files that are exported to “Works in Progress” folder. when I have the code working, I go back and update the RS ui with the working code.

This won’t help if your work is mostly visuals (color/alignment/field adding), but I feel your pain and wanted to make sure you were not just using the RS editor for that…



We’re experimenting some sort of “Hot reload” function for RS. We’ll keep you informed about when/if the feature is available for users to test.


it will take React Studio to new level :+1: