How can we use a Radio box in React Studio?

The project needs to use Radio buttons where one can check 2 or more options are available, and you want the user to select exactly one of them.

Thank you

You need to use Picker for this. There is no Radio button element available currently.

Hi Antti. I’m stuck at this for the last 4 days.
Please I need your help. I don’t understand what’s happening.
This is a poll where a user can set up to 4 options to post his poll. Then users can vote. It is very simple and the interaction to increment the number is set only when the user clicks the confirm button. There are 4 states where each button increments one option at a time.

As you can check bellow, although the interaction is set to add +1 to [UserAnswer1], the result is always [UserAnswer4], even if you try option 2 or 3. I’ve checked several times looking for mistakes and really didn’t find anything causing this error.

Thank you.

Okay. As 70% I guess :slight_smile: there’s always something you can do with React Studio. Really!
In this case, for those who would like to use this handy example, the trick is simply separating each button on his row.


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