How to clear input that has uploded a image using Firebase Upload?

How to clear an input that has been uploaded an image using Firebase Upload? If is not cleared, after uploading your first image or photo, the next time you post something using that same form, without a photo, this time just text, the previous photo will be uploaded again, even if you don’t want to. The Usr Interactions/ Component “name” Clear input Fields work just fine with text fields Thank you.


Uploading should not occur again even if you use same form. Please check the Cloud drive and see if the file is really uploaded twice or could it be so that once you’ve uploaded you save the image path to Data slot? I mean that this Data slot is then saved again when you send the same form again. If this is the case then you simply need to clear the Data slot when you enter the form/after the form data is sent.

Hi Antti. Yes, I think that’s what I’m doing, but apparently I’m missing something. Here’s the print of this form. How do I clear the Data slot? Thank you again.

I’m sorry, It was right there! :wink:16%20PM|334x500

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Great that you found it.

For other viewers: there is a Clear option under Save data interaction.

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