How to show two different states in a list/grid

Now that I have my userStatus in a dataSlot, what I have created is a component that would be placed over some of the cards that list each document in my dataBase based on two conditions: if the user is categorized as a demoUser and the document has a field which is a boolean ‘locked’ = true.

So in the data linkage for individual properties where you can see the ‘Visible’ property I have edit the script to look like this:

It is not working properly because I believe I am not fetching properly the field ‘locked’ within the dataSheet. I was not sure how to do it and I tried following the little that I know. How must I change it to get what I want?

Edit. Nevermind! I could do it approaching the problem with the document states. Instead of adding a component and set the visible properties for that component, I added an additional state to the original component, linked the state to that specific value in the dataSheet (locked) and write the script with the conditions that I needed and now it is working perfectly. I believe it is also cleaner like I have done it.