How to update image using server data

I have an image element on a user detail page with a small user photo that needs to be updated from the server. I have stored a few images in the following data format and can feed them to the client using JSON encoding methods such as bsae64:


I know that I can specify an image in with JSX as:

<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,{binary data}" />

It is my plan to just return th above data string from the image’s value transformer script or feed it from a data linkage. But when I try it the image does not update. How should I be doing this?

I suggest to check the exported code (or with Code glance). It shows that the image is “set” in css.

E.g. backgroundImage: ‘url(’+(transformPropValue_image(this.props.imageURL) || img_elImage)+’)’,

I’m guessing that this means that you cant use base64 images with the current code exporter implementation
for Image element.