How to use <a href=""> in my Project

After achieving the filtering, favorites and scores, I only have last thing to get to my goal. I would appreciate some guidance about how to approach in React Studio what in HTML is the “a href” attribute. Let me clarify the project:

What I have created is a menu. Each one of the elements have a button that redirect the user to the webapp to play that specific song. The webapp is an open source project that I have been colaborating and it is located in my S3 from AWS. Being so, the link I provide in my database for each one of the songs/documents takes the user to that place. So the user actually logs out from the app I have made in React Studio, and after the user has finished playing and comes back with the “Back” button in the browser, it asks again which is the account to log in.

My purpose is to include the webapp as a local folder and instead of redirect to this AWS hosting, just take the user to run the webapp locally. I guess it mustn’t be difficult to do but I would appreciate some guidance in this matter.

So right now the link that triggers the button in my RS app is something like:

And I guess it should look like something like:


I am not sure where to place the folder with the webapp files and what should I do to include these local files.

Thank you.