How to use Dropdown/Picker component?

Hello world. I’m working on two projects that could both use the Picker/Dropdown component. In particular, I’d like to be able to populate multiple fields on the data sheet when a user selects a single option from the drop-down. I’ve already got the picker connected to a data sheet with the data I want populated. It also saves the data for the specific value picked by the user. What I want to be able to do is save other values on that selected row to the carried entry in the data sheet.

Also, how do I change the text color on a picker? It’s not an available option on the first tab.


Hi Jeff, what do you mean with that? Do you want to pick more than one column value?

Thanks, Oliver. I meant more than one value on the same row.

Say I had entries for teams with values “TeamName” “Mascot” and “City.” If my drop-down uses “TeamName” as the displayed text, I’d like the button’s interaction to save the values for the “Mascot” and “City” someplace, like a row on another data sheet. Does that make sense?

I think some of the functionality has changed since the chat app video was created. The video made it seem like the values that could be saved would be pulled from the data sheet, presumably the one tied to the picker.

Update: I see that the options for saving data to the data sheets differ from the options for saving to data slots. In the above picture from the video, you can save values from the data sheet. However, I only options for saving data slots and carried values to the data sheet (below). Am I missing something?

Hi, you can only save data which is present in the component/screen. This means that you can save e.g. property to Data slot or Picker value, field value etc. You’ll see the available properties on to top left corner in the Design canvas.

It helps a lot if you think how the component code will work. You cannot refer to data which the component does not have.

Hi Jeff,
If you need to get more than one column/field out of a picked row you could save e.g. the ID in a data slot. Create a new datasheet that just holds the one, selected row and loads on change of the data slot from Firebase or Xano. Then you can read all columns/fields it from the datasheet row.

Thanks, Oliver! I’ll try that out.