How To Use "onVisible" event?

Hello I have a use case where i need to run a function when an item on a list becomes ‘Visible’ on screen and when it is not longer ‘Visible’.

How to do this in ReactStudio? Thanks.

Maybe this can be added in each component under ‘Interact’->‘User Interactions’ -> ‘Visible’ in addition to ‘Tap’

You can also use “Visible” prop for component to determine whether it should be visible or not. Just put your element inside component and then toggle the component visible prop “true” or “false”.

Hello Antti,
Can we use this property on List container component as well?


Yes you can by using the visible property if your list is inside component or directly to list/grid item element with a button click by using the Hide/Show interaction.

Here’s an example of using the Hide/Show interaction.