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I’m trying to use the embed HTML control to enter some custom HTML that includes a script that should run when the users clicks an element in the HTML. However, the script never seems to run. The alerts and console logging never happens either.

The code is below that is in the HTML Embed control. Basically trying to create a file picker. Any suggestions on what to do to get it working would be greatly appreciated.


Select some files

We can close this one as we found a different way to do this.


Would you like to share your solution for other users as well?

Sure - what we basically did is just create a separate component external to React Studio and put it in a JSX file which we imported to the screen we wanted to use it with. The helpful answer from our other question is what that method work - by basically telling us to make sure we enable “pointerEvents” on the HTML in our component.

Ok so you didn’t implement it as plugin but you simply edit the code after it is exported from the Studio.

Can you show well where i must enable it?
i have a syncfusion grid and colums resizing does not works…

On your div that contains your grid element just add pointerEvents: ‘auto’ to the style tag.

it does not works,

Then you will need to make it an external component and manually add it to the code.

See what I did with this topic …

i’m not able to solve my problem.
i’m not able to reproduce this function

the columns resize does not works…

I’m not sure how you structured your code but basically when you “render” that grid you need to make sure that the pointEffects are set to auto for the entire div that the grid is contained in.

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<style> .e-grid th.e-headercell.e-draggable { cursor: col-resize !important; } </style>
<div id=griglia style= pointerEvents: ‘auto’ ></div>

this is my html grid definition

You have to use syntax like below in your render statement:

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where is? please quote code !!