I get this error - how can I find out what's wrong?

Hi, I get the error below and I had that before if there is somewhere a Goto target not set. This happens when you copy components or screens. Does anybody know if there is a log somewhere to see where it stops in the compilation?

docs.neonto.com is your friend :slight_smile:


Eventually one might need to inspect the plugin behavior closer e.g. when there’s an error. This can be implemented through logging with the following methods:


Prints logs to macOS Console.app (located in Applications -> Utilities).


Prints logs to Native/React Studio’s Project Command Line -window (available through Plugins -> Developer Extras -> Project-Level Command Line).

Hi Adam,

It does not compile and never runs with this error.
It occurs immediately after clicking “Open in web browser” but it never displays the app in the browser. That is why I cannot debug it.
The error can easily be replicated if you create e.g. a swapper and fill a base component and component overrides in. Then generate the code and it will run. Then delete the component you filled into the component overrides … and click ‘Open in Web Browser’ again. The error should occur.

I know what the cause of it is but if an app is more complex than the example in the last post you have trouble to find where the missing component link in the app is. I found it in my current app now but it took me about half an hour and I had to go into every component and check …

Okay thx. We will try and figure out what is going on…


That’s a software bug, it shouldn’t stop there and show the error. Would you be able to send us the project where it happens to hello@neonto.com so we could fix it? Thanks.

Hi Juha,
I just found out how the bug occurs …
If you copy a screen with a swapper the components in the swapper don’t get copied.
Therefore you have it pointing to components that are not there and you’ll get the error.