I propose a new discussion category

I would like to have a place to put observations that may be confusing to new users of react studio.

for example, I would like to post this and get a comment that it’s true/false, and if in the future the message changes or error checked for, the post could be deleted…

topic: misleading error message “Missing template parameters”
when saving a transformer script, you will get this message, it is not an error, but is a guide of things to check…

Hello Rob,

and thanks for the suggestion. I just created Bug reports category which could be the place for the observations like yours.

About the “Missing template parameters” message, what would you suggest to fix it? Is it too intruding or misleading, etc.? Would you like to be able to suppress the warning somehow? I understand it might be distracting if you intentionally want to delete some of those template parameters.

It’s hard to say what the message sould say as I can’t figure out how to use this particular bit.
the message inside the template file says the value input must return an integer, so i increment input, save the output (ignore the missing template parameters) and “export react code”. then grep parseInt src/*.js and get no hits. I expect the change to show up in the StartScreen.js, but nothing there…

trying something else, I respond “no, reset to default template” in the error message screen, get a template that looks nothing like the original, but make a change, save, export to react code and still get no hits when I grep.


So, where does the transformer script show up in the react code?


Just to be sure. Are you editing the value transformer script for certain prop or are you editing the code template for screen/component?

Value transformer scripts are written into code only if there is a propertyname selected from prop dropdown.

for the screen state, on a new project, we get “return input;” template.


Hi, the “missing template dialog” is in the wrong place (we’ll fix it) but the Value transformer script works and is written into source code. Check the screenshot below:

Here’s also an example project: https://neonto.cloud/preview/g9x4lamg

It add’s 1 to value you input into textfield and changes screen state based on value.

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Did you get the Value transformer script to work?

I must be doing something wrong, here are all the steps I take:

New from template > Mobile First
create data slot “ds_test” value 2
select start screen
properties panel > State > data slot “ds_test”
edit script add input = parseInt( input ) + 1;
respond yes to missing template parameters prompt
close editor
select project map to close component editor
select “code glance”
** no transformerStateValue function in render
save project as Untitled
** no change
export react code as my-app
** still no file with parseInt in it

does it matter no components in use?
drag button onto start screen canvas
** still no change in code glance

edit script (screen state edit), changes still there.

Are you sure that your screen has more than one state? There needs to be more than one state to generate the state value transformer script code.

Here’s my example project showcasing the state and script. I added the console.log into script and it is visible in the exported code: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sc.neonto.com/example_projects/ScreenStateScript.rsproj.zip

We just released an update (v1.7.5) that fixes the ‘Missing template parameters’ issue. React Studio should update automatically when launching it.

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